Industrial and building automation, energy management

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Our company in Europe, for 32 years, in almost all industries. Our team consists of young professionals and engineers. We fulfil our tasks by concentrating on the details, but at the same time applying a global system approach. We propose the most up-to-date technical solutions to our clients.

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The biggest challenge of today is to optimize energy management, to economize on our resources in the long run and systematically, and to search and apply new (mainly renewable) energy sources for which planning is essential. Our solutions embrace meeting the energy demand of the whole range of buildings from the smallest ones through small or medium-sized works to large industrial plants.

Building automation

Building automation

The building of the future will be automated. It is inevitable, and the extent is specified by careful engineering and cautious implementation. The minimum level is rising with increasing energetic requirements and the development of technical solutions. Our building automation system is scalable for all kinds of buildings from private homes to office buildings.

Industrial automation

Industrial automation

Industrial automation may consist of process control, period batch control, mechatronics, or independent data collection and registration systems. Our Company has extensive experience in all the areas listed, and has several hundred references.


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